George W Saba

George W. Saba since the year 1966 and currently is performing the forensic science of collecting evidence, information and collation of this material into an understandable format to  present and to testify in judicial and non judicial hearings.

Education, Employment, Training and Military  Biography

Military Service
Honorable Discharge
U.S. Air Force and U.S. Air Force Reserve
Combat Service Korean War Disabled Veteran

Bachelor Science Degree
Accounting and Business Law
University of Connecticut
School of Business

U.S. Internal Revenue Service
Completion of Internal Revenue Agent Training

U.S. Treasury Special Agent, Emiratus
Treasury Agent Law Enforcement Academy

U.S. Treasury Special Agent
Professional Development
Cert. New York University

Police Inspector  C.G.S. 51-286, Emiratus
Division of Criminal Justice
States’ Attorney Office

Criminal Justice Division
Diverse Seminars Completed
Court Procedure, Preparation Court Documents
Extraditions, Probable Cause, Arrest Search
Warrants, Crime scene evidence all aspects of
investigations and evidence

Municipal Police Training
Field Certification Training Instructor