Problem Resolution

Problems with the police. Taxation, state, federal  and local.  Your neighbor, fellow worker, government staff. You don’t know what to do? Who to contact? What documents are required? What to do first/last?
Resolving your problems is our stock and trade. Let us help. We have gained skills during the past 45 years on what, when, how, where and why with  most problems people have. There is no problem  to small or to large; to simple or to complicated.

Non Judicial disputes
Member disputes with Union
Employer Employee disputes
IRS disputes
Probate matters
Motor Vehicle matters
Labor matters
Zoning matters
State Federal taxation matters
Creditor Debtor disputes
Medical Patient disputes
Neighbor disputes
Animal disputes
Workers’ Compensation

If you can not afford our investigation and research you do the investigation and research, with our guidance.   Contact us. Phone:  860-487-0846  Email:

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